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Milltown Church Restoration

St. Patricks Church Milltown reopened after restoration


The huge project of work on St. Patrick’s Church for 2015 was completed in five weeks.  The last couple of years we were pre-occupied with very necessary external work.  This year we managed to get a massive amount of internal work completed.  This is all by way of preparation for the 150th Anniversary of the Church in 2018. 

1.           New radiators were installed and the central heating was all upgraded.

2.           New light fittings were installed and the wired substantially upgraded.

3.           The floor was completely carpeted and tiled.

4.           The seats were sanded down and varnished like new.

5.           The old door to the Sacristy was re-opened and the door that was used since 1985 was closed up and the Altar of St. Patrick was brought back from the centre of the Church and erected underneath the Statue. 

6.           The whole interior was very tastefully painted.

7.           The Stations of the Cross were cleaned and re-painted by a gifted artist from Greece, Maria Gkinala, who now lives in Templeport parish.

8.           The Robinson Masterpiece was brought back to Milltown. 

9.           The Image of Jesus Crucified was given to Milltown by Fr. Gerry Comiskey as a gift.

Thanks very much to all those to have been remarking about the quality and beauty of the work.  I appreciate the support and encouragement of the Finance Committee and I am deeply grateful to all who worked on the Church, whether it was in a professional capacity or as a volunteer.

It is imperative that all Catholic people of Milltown contribute to the weekly collections.  Try to be present for weekly Mass.  If that is not possible please use your envelopes where ever you go and they will be returned.  If you miss, please be good enough to give your donations when it suits you.  The Finance Committee really appeal to you to be generous in this regard and express thanks to all those who are subscribing on a weekly basis.  

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