Categories: General
      Date: May 17, 2015
     Title: The Robinson Masterpiece
The Image of Divine Mercy by the Robinson brothers is hanging in St. Patricks Church Milltown


It is a great joy for Fr Gerry  to bless this image of Divine Mercy and to see it hanging in St. Patrick’s Church, Milltown in memory of the Robinson brothers. 

Its arrival here is the result of considerable negotiation with Holy Trinity Abbey and I am grateful to Fr. William Fitzgerald for the decision to let it come back to the parish where it was made in 1991. 

Marquetry is the art of assembling rare and exotic wood veneers to form a picture or make a decorative pattern.  Approximately 1800 individual pieces of various wood veneers have been used to construct the picture and no colouring of any kind has been used to obtain the desired effect. 

Twelve different contrasting wood veneers were used in the composition of the picture; some native woods and some form the tropical rain forests.  Wood from Ashgove and Erne Hill House, Belturbet were used.  The trees were more than 150 years old.  The surrounding frame is Iroka, a substitute teak from the African rain forest. 

Can I make a gentle suggestion that we all get into the habit of looking at this remarkable icon every time we enter the Church and simply say:-

Jesus I Trust in You’.