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09-02-2012 04:00 hour
Philip Shannon ( Odessa, Delaware , USA )

Planning a return trip to Milltown in May of 2013. This time with my wife, sister, son and his wife. Hope to locate and visit some Shannon's. Some of my ancesters are buried in Drumlane Abbey.

28-12-2011 01:31 hour
Bridget Leddy -Connolly ( USA )

Congratulations to all involved in the opening of the new extension to the graveyard at Drumlane Abbey,beautiful Mass & Blessing

04-12-2011 01:35 hour
Philip Shannon ( Odessa, Delaware , United States )

Hello, really happy to find this web page. My ancestry comes from Milltown and had visited there several years ago. Planning on a return trip. Met some decendents of the Shannon's while my son and I was there.

08-11-2011 12:36 hour
Deirdre O'Reilly ( Kingston upon Thames , UK )

Big congratulations on winning 1st prize at the Nation Pride of Place awards - well deserved.

14-10-2011 16:42 hour
nancy ( huddersfield , england )

Hi anyone in belturbet who knew my great grandparents the smalls i know they eventually lived at marion park there daughter was my mums mum and her father was a man called frank kennedy, i know my g grandparents had businesses on bridge street early 1900s and i believe there is a family plot at drumlane desperate to find out more about the smalls and the kennedys??????

15-08-2011 01:50 hour
College Student

Hello nice site

06-07-2011 15:19 hour
Peter Stewart ( London , England )

My parents,grandparents,uncles and aunts (not all) are buried in Drumlane cemetery. My uncle, Benny Brady, was the All-Ireland skittles champion in the 1970's, winning the trophy in Cork (I recall). I have an engraving, done in late 1700's, of Drumlane Abbey, as it used to look before falling into ruin. Would be willing to send copy to those interested.

18-06-2011 17:54 hour
ewald ( mi. , usa )

looking for patrick joseph brady born in cavan8-27-1938 parents unknown brought up by foster parnets help

14-06-2011 20:34 hour
Michael Corrigan ( Portmarnock , Ireland )

my Dad Aidan Corrigan played for Drumlane back in the forties & fifties and also won an All Ireland medal with Cavan in 1952.
Hope to go and see my cousins Barry and Garrett play for Drumlane very soon.

09-02-2011 13:35 hour
Ciaran ( Drumlane , Ireland )

Marie,you should chec the 1901 census which can be found at you might find something. Otherwise if you post your email address I can send you on some contact numbers.