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07-01-2010 21:21 hour
Isaac rowen ( Toney , Milltown )

Great website thanks to all........!!!

16-10-2009 00:13 hour
Anthony German ( Liverpool , UK )

I have been having fishing holidays in Belturbet and Arva for over 30years.Started doing my family tree in 2002 and discovered to my delight my GT/GM Ann Seery(parents Patrick and Susan)was born in the parish of Drumlane.Ann married my GT/GF Edward German/Jermyn(father Isaac) in St Albans RC church Liverpool 1871.Edward was also born in Ireland 1847.Besides Co Cork most Jermyns seem to come from Cavan.Do any local historians know of the name and if maybe Ann and Edward eloped to Liverpool to marry.I believe this was done in those times.I have noticed the number of Germyns in the COI Belturbet graveyard but can make no connection.Will keep looking at Website.

01-05-2009 17:52 hour
Thelma Matthews ( Brampton , Canada )

Great to have found a site about Drumlane. I have visited the area often looking for records of my ancestors - names like Gregg, Tilson, Armstrong, Henderson etc etc - my father was born and reared at Derryhoo - the old house now demolished and the Goode family live there now I believe. Am sorry to see that the whole area is changing dramatically this past while - I suppose that is "progress" I never lived in Co. Cavan but I love to visit Drumlane and area and always feel at home. People are so friendly. Thelma (Gregg) Matthews

25-04-2009 18:42 hour
Brendan Fay ( Belturbet , Ireland )

Great Website well done to all !!! Live music in the Widows Bar Belturbet Friday, Saturday & Sunday. Late Bar..

22-03-2009 21:37 hour
Christine Pedeaux ( Louisiana , United States )

I visited Miltown and surrounding area a few months ago. My g-g-grandparents, John Smith and Rose Fitzpatrick Smith, farmed 8 acres in Derrygeeraghan in 1860's-1880's. Would anyone know how I could locate the site of that farm (leased from Earl Annesley.) Or where they are buried? I checked Drumlane Abbey, Staghall, and Miltown cemeteries. Are there any other little Catholic cememteries around Derrygeeraghan? Anyone know of any living descendants in the area? Thank you so much.

20-03-2009 05:25 hour
Kevin FARRELLY ( Brisbane QLD , Australia )

I found your site very interesting. My wife and I were fortunate to visit Drumlane & Milltown a few years ago.Both of my parents were from Milltown, Mother, Mary Anne BURNS from Drumanhy Rahan and Father Terence Farrelly from Garfiny. They came to Australia in early 1900s.

16-03-2009 00:04 hour
David Gillies ( Lancashire , Langho )

Love to visit my family in Milltown. Great place, great people, great pub!

Did I mention it's great,oh yes, and Paddy Lawlor is really a pioneer, does a great job of hiding it!!

03-03-2009 15:02 hour
Cornelius Chapman ( Springfield , USA )

Well done to Drumlane on their win over Ballyhaise at the weekend. There is just no giving in in those players and it's a great start to the new season.

On another point, I think it's very ironic that someone by the name of Kevin Barry lives in Derrylaughan. I don't know of any Daniel O'Connells in Drumlane. Fair enough Kevin if yous are known just known as Derrylaughan, but I don't think you can expect the club to get it right seeing as we'd never heard of yous before, as the challenge games were organised by our new enthusiastic co-coach Oliver Fay.

It's not the case every time. I only know Pat Gilroy's club in Dublin as St Vincent's - I couldn't tell you the area - and from what I heard a lot of the players still don't know the area they were in Tyrone @ the end of last month!

01-03-2009 10:59 hour
David McCay ( Cootehill , Ireland )

Great website, particularly for people like me who are thinking of moving to the area. Having initially been undecided I have to say that this website has really made up my mind for me - the community in Milltown / Drumlane seems to be so active and vibrant that it seems like the ideal place to bring up a family ! Thanks.

25-02-2009 22:10 hour
kevin Barry ( Derrylaughan )

just a quick line. Following our friendly at the weekend i checked out your website and yes we are called derrylaughan Kevin Barrys but are known as Derrylaughan in the same way as you yourselves are drumlane Sons of oconnell but known as Drumlane. Chcek link for championship draw from official Tyrone GAA website( Cheers and all the best for the coming season hopefully we can have the same friendly as senior teams next season or meet in the Ulster Club Intermediate championship this year !

Yours Kevin Barry