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16-03-2009 00:04 hour
David Gillies ( Lancashire , Langho )

Love to visit my family in Milltown. Great place, great people, great pub!

Did I mention it's great,oh yes, and Paddy Lawlor is really a pioneer, does a great job of hiding it!!

03-03-2009 15:02 hour
Cornelius Chapman ( Springfield , USA )

Well done to Drumlane on their win over Ballyhaise at the weekend. There is just no giving in in those players and it's a great start to the new season.

On another point, I think it's very ironic that someone by the name of Kevin Barry lives in Derrylaughan. I don't know of any Daniel O'Connells in Drumlane. Fair enough Kevin if yous are known just known as Derrylaughan, but I don't think you can expect the club to get it right seeing as we'd never heard of yous before, as the challenge games were organised by our new enthusiastic co-coach Oliver Fay.

It's not the case every time. I only know Pat Gilroy's club in Dublin as St Vincent's - I couldn't tell you the area - and from what I heard a lot of the players still don't know the area they were in Tyrone @ the end of last month!

01-03-2009 10:59 hour
David McCay ( Cootehill , Ireland )

Great website, particularly for people like me who are thinking of moving to the area. Having initially been undecided I have to say that this website has really made up my mind for me - the community in Milltown / Drumlane seems to be so active and vibrant that it seems like the ideal place to bring up a family ! Thanks.

25-02-2009 22:10 hour
kevin Barry ( Derrylaughan )

just a quick line. Following our friendly at the weekend i checked out your website and yes we are called derrylaughan Kevin Barrys but are known as Derrylaughan in the same way as you yourselves are drumlane Sons of oconnell but known as Drumlane. Chcek link for championship draw from official Tyrone GAA website( Cheers and all the best for the coming season hopefully we can have the same friendly as senior teams next season or meet in the Ulster Club Intermediate championship this year !

Yours Kevin Barry

03-02-2009 11:17 hour
izac ( iran , asia )
Homepage: none

very good website im very impressed

26-01-2009 11:51 hour
Cornelius Chapman ( Springfield , USA )

Well done to Daryl on his win at the weekend with John Mitchel's of Liverpool.

Hopefully he will get plenty of support from his native club when Mitchel's take on the Kerry champions on Feb 14 in Croke Park! Wishing you the best of luck!

18-12-2008 03:42 hour
Tim ( Rockford, Illinois , United States )

Everytime I read the historical information, I feel like I am walking amongst those that lived at that time.
I last wrote in Aug of this year 2008.

I am trying to find the grave of Mary Reilly. She died in Aug of 1902, I believe the 6th. She lived with her family in Cranaghan until her death.

I think that since Mary Reilly, and her husband Charles Reilly, were wed in the old Drumlane Parish in Aug of 1838, that they are probably interred there. Is there anyone in the area that makes a hobby of, or is interested in, locating headstones? I would love to see the cemetery myself but can not afford to do so. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your help in Aug. Brendan. I'll be talking to Father Dan soon.

Merry Christmas to all!!!!!

27-09-2008 15:06 hour
ciaran ( London )

Well done underage footballers and hurlers, brilliant stuff

23-09-2008 14:25 hour
Jag så trevlig!!! (chloe) ( Drumlane , Ireland )

Hey! Im so proud to be a Drumlane girl! LOve the site guys! Well done! =]

20-09-2008 16:36 hour
satisfied fan

welldone the underage footballers and hurlers in the club they know how to win, one more cup to claim good luck for monday