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30-04-2008 23:19 hour
Audrey Guy ( Greater Manchester , England )

Looking forward to keeping up with the forthcoming news and events. The website is just great. Good Luck

29-04-2008 20:42 hour
Brian ( Vietnam )

A very impressive website with alot of useful information.

29-04-2008 19:16 hour
Kate Ennals ( Gowna , Ireland )

This is brilliant, you drumlaners...Gowna will have to get a move on!!! I'll make a link to the community forum website. Kate

29-04-2008 02:04 hour
Bridget ( Wappingers Falls, New York , U.S.A )

Congrats to all involved, what a great web-site!! Thanks again for keeping us in touch. " UP DRUMLANE "

28-04-2008 01:06 hour
Noelette Dolan ( Cavan , Ireland )

Congrats on your new web-site its really very impressive. Well done to all involved. Noelette Dolan

25-04-2008 20:48 hour
Margaret ( Floral Park, New York )

Job well done by everyone involved. Thanks for keeping us Drumlane folks around the world in touch. Enjoyed it very  much, keep up the good work.

25-04-2008 19:13 hour
Caroline ( Donegal , Ireland )

You have all done a great job, this is a brilliant web site. Best of luck with all the community and voluntary projects. This is what every community needs to bring people together. Hope the launch goes well tomorrow night.

15-04-2008 12:05 hour
Barbara ( Galway , Ireland )

Website looks great-and will keep growing in content and sophistication. I'm so proud to be a Drumlane woman!

14-03-2008 23:40 hour
Tomas ( Cavan , Ireland )
Homepage: is a great website