Foroige’s Citizenship project

Feb 7, 2009

On Saturday 20th June 2009 a group of 14 members met at Drumlane Abbey at
‚ 11.00am to start the clean up on the wall, which is part of their Foroige Citizenship Project.
‚ They began by cleaning the wall from top to bottom using plenty of elbow
‚ greece and a few tools!!
‚ From what we understand the wall has not been painted since 1992 and
‚ therefore needed allot of cleaning. It was a good day to get it done and
‚ the‚ weather was on our side.‚ We split up and took on different tasks, some cleaning the top of the wall‚ others the bottom, some cleaning the piers and others clearing away any
weeds on the path along the wall.‚ Together they put in a huge group effort to get the wall in shape for‚ painting. After a few hours when the cleaning was complete we had a well
deserved break before the painting commenced.

‚ It wasn’t long before we could see what a huge difference the work was
‚ making. It wasn’t all work and no play as some of the members taught that
‚ grey may look pretty good on them and of course there were plenty of
‚ willing
‚ volunteers to oblige in helping them try out their theory!

‚ By late evening we were all getting tired and there was still plenty of work
‚ to be done, by 7.30 we decided it was time to finish for the day and we
‚ tidied up and went home at 8.00pm.

‚ On Sunday afternoon a group met at 3.30pm to continue the work, they were
‚ going great until the paint ran dry so they arranged to met on Tuesday
‚ evening at 7.00pm to finish the job.

‚ On Tuesday we met and the final finishing touches were made, gaps filled
‚ in and paints put away. ‚ All in all it was a job worth doing, it took a wee bit longer that was
‚ taught it would and it was a challenge to get the wall ready for painting but the
‚ finished job is something that the members can be very proud of.

The club all enjoyed having a bit of fun as a club and doing something worth
‚ while for the parish. We would like to thank everyone for their support at the
‚ Church Gate collections after mass that weekend, which was to help the
‚ club pay for the paint and cleaning materials needed for the project. A huge
‚ CONGRATULATIONS to the members who took part, they were great workers and
‚ they put in a huge effort over the three days. They are a pleasure to work
‚ with and a credit to both themselves and their families. Well Done.



As the sun sets and all the work is done


They are now planning the annual trip away this year and decided‚ to go away for a day trip and have a Stay Awake/Sleep Over in the Community Centre that night. The trip is to Donegal Adventure Centre on 11th July to try their hands at Surfing.



February 2009
Drumlane Community Website, Cavan, Ireland