Update from Danny Kelly in Guatemala

Nov 18, 2009

Hello All,‚ 

I did the Mizen to Malin cycle in 3 days, including 260 km on the second day from Charleville in Cork to Ballyconnell in Cavan. The weather was pretty miserable so I wanted to get it over and done with as soon as possible.

Thanks to the support of many family and friends, the people in Drumlane and the wider Cavan community I managed to raise over ¢€š¬4000euro.

I have now been living in the orphanage for two weeks and it‚´s been going really well. Though the kids are technically on school holidays they still have classes during the week. At the minute I am teaching a mix of English and Mathematics and then organising other activities for the evenings and the weekends, e.g. sports, drawing classes, theatre etc.

The money is going to be spent on a wide range of things including the clinic, new toilets, christmas presents and providing a much needed variety in the children‚´s diets. Due to the exchange rate and the low cost of living here every cent will make a valuable difference. I have included some photos of the clinic and the volunteer nurse Alicia Ridge buying medicines at the local pharmacy. The clinic is particularly important as not only does it look after the children and workers in the oprhanage it is also the only medical centre for a wide area. In my first week a family walked four hours to get some medical assistance at the clinic and it is quite normal for families to walk over an hour to get to the centre.

Thanks a lot for all your and everyone else‚´s help. I hope you are all‚ keeping well. See below for a few photos.



Danny pictured with volunteer nurse Alicia Ridge.



November 2009
Drumlane Community Website, Cavan, Ireland