Civil Defence

Apr 22, 2020

Milltown Unit of Civil Defence

Like a lot of other organisations in this area one Lady can take credit for helping establish Civil Defence here, her name is Lily Morrow (pictured below in 1990), Thank you Lily.

The unit in Milltown is mainly a Casualty / First Aid unit, Radio Communication training , search & basic rescue, fire fighting procedures are also demonstrated and practised . We started our classes here in 1980. The Instructor is Mrs Elizabeth Baxter. Classes are held in Milltown Community Centre on Wednesday at 8 p.m, from October to April every year.

County Cavan Civil Defence Officer is John Maguire

Background to Civil Defence in Ireland; Civil Defence was set up in 1950 to be part of the national defence structure as the necessary civil response to potential hazards which might arise in a war situation . The organisation was designed to undertake non-combatant activities and measures to afford defence against, or mitigate the effects on persons and property, of an attack on the State, or of hazards otherwise arising during a time of war or emergency. The traditional main programmes of activity undertaken by Civil Defence could broadly be described as;

– Casualty / First Aid – Rescue – Fire – Fighting – Radiation detection & monitoring – Radio Communications – Welfare Provision.civil defence logo The International Civil Defence badge is worn by Members of Civil Defence, to show they are part of a worldwide network of committed people, prepared to serve in their own country or overseas as part of a practical response to disaster relief.

 The local unit meets every Wednesday night in Drumlane Community Resource Centre at 8 pm. from October to April.   The qualification standard in first aid is set by PHECC ( Pre hospital emergency care council) and will be FETAC certified, this means a lot of study and training will be undertaken by all members.



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