Drumlane Community Garden

Jan 3, 2009

Co. Cavan

Drumlane Community Garden is a project funded under the Enhancing Community Capacity in Co. Cavan project. the aim of the project is to provide a training programme and set up a demonstration garden close to Drumlane Community Resource Centre on land leased from Drumlane G.A.A.Club. A free gardening course is currently underway in the Resource centre on Thursday nights at 7 p.m. This course will aim to provide an introduction on how to set up and maintain an organic garden. Participants in the community garden project will have an opportunity to learn how to grow their own food and take back some control over the food they eat. Through this , some of the food industries power in telling us what we should eat will be taken away. However it’s not simply about food, it is about supporting and building action at local level. If you are interested in supporting or joining this project please do not hesitate to contact the chairman Declan Fitzpatrick, at 049 9522758 or 087 2367628.

A Course in Organic gardening will commence in Drumlane Community Resource Centre on Wednesday 11th March 2009 at 7pm. This is a six week course and will outline in detail the basic principles of organic gardening. Everyone is welcome and if you require any further details or are interested in attending the course please do not hesitate to contact Declan Fitzpatrick on 0499522758 / 0872367628.

Please view the photos below, taken recently, of local gardeners preparing the ground for the first crop.

The plot of unbroken soil.

The Garden Shed, well equipped with tools.

First, the grass was cut and raked off.

Then, the Lazy Beds were lined out and the sod turned.

The secret to every successful garden…. good ould muck!!

A generous top dressing is essential.

As the seasons progress more images of the Community gardeners in action will be posted so …watch this space.

Drumlane Community Garden (An Update)



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