Faces from the Past

Photographs of people, special occasions, activities, buildings and every day life from the recent and

distant past from the parish will be available to view here, once we start receiving images from YOU

Send your image and a short description to Drumlanecp@gmail.com


Lily Morrow

Lily Morrow is widely and fondly remembered as a true inspiration for her tireless work in the communty from the

1970s until her untimely passing in 2002. She organized the Foroige Club, Badminton lessons in schools and in

Milltown Hall, Swimming lessons in Arden Lake and in Monaghan and Cavan swimming pools for young and old.

Swimming in particular was very important to her, resulting in hundreds of  people learning to swim and save lives

under her guidance for the 20 years she organized lessons.

She was keenly involved with organizing events and community safety for the Senior Citizens in the parish.

She also loved the challenge that the Civil Defence offered and loved the comradery of it.  She organized First Aid

classes for many years. She raised thousands of pounds in funds for Cavan swimming pool, for Positive Age,  for Rehab

and for St Christopher’s Hospice.

Lily Morrow at the Queen of Breifne Awards in 1990.




Joe Good

Many talented, skilled and adventurous people have left the parish for distant shores over the years.

Below is a profile and interview with Beekeeper extraordinaire Joe Good, formerly of Derryhoo, Milltown.




The Robinson Brothers

The Robinson brothers, Charlie, Michael and Tom Joe were highly renowned craftsmen covering many disciplines like marquetry, joinery, french polishing, tool making, bee keeping, gardening, music, and repairs of all kinds of equipment.

Here is a 3 part documentary made by RTE for the “Hands” television series made in 1980 showcasing

just some of their unique skills.

Part One https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sx2y7MAys20

Part Two https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6NuIMTALZRo

Part Three https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CM3OT66iTOs



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