Take a bow Drumlane

Mar 12, 2008

The following article appeared in‚  "The Roscommon Herald" following the hosting of All Ireland Junior camoige final in "O’Connell Park" Milltown on 31st ‚ August 2008.

"I was at an All Ireland Junior Camoige final last Sunday and when I heard that it was fixed for a place called Drumlane in Co. Cavan I had to look up the map to try and find it.‚  It wasn’t easy and I have to admit I got lost a‚ couple of‚ times.

Drumlane was the name of the GAA‚ club but it was located in the village of Milltown which is about five miles from Belturbet.‚  It was a very rural "out of the way" place and I was cursing the authorities for fixing such an important game for such a remote place.

However, I was gobsmacked with the facilities at Drumlane GAA club.‚  The pitch was like a carpet and the best surface on a GAA pitch that I have ever seen and I include Croke Park and our own Kiltoom pitch in that statement.‚  There was a spectator stand that would hold about 500 to 1,000 people.‚  There was state-of-the art fencing all around, training lights, top class dug-outs and a cinder strip for all-weather training.‚  They had state-of-art dressing rooms, a spacious community centre that sold tea, soup, coffee, sandwiches etc. and they also had parking for about 200 cars.

I have been involved in the GAA all my life and I never before heard of Drumlane GAA club.‚  Whoever is resopnsible for their facilities should‚ stand up and take a bow.‚  They were fantastic. It shows what can be done."



March 2008
Drumlane Community Website, Cavan, Ireland