Drumlane Community Garden Review 2013

Apr 22, 2020

Milltown, November 24th 2013.

2013 gardening season.

Quite a different year from 2012, weatherwise. Although rather cold early in the year we enjoyed a very good summer. The community garden yielded a very good crop , partly because of these favourable conditions. But hard work and tender care were the other contributors. We still have the same 13 members as last year. As you might know we come together twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 10-12. And we need not tell you that there is always plenty of work to be done. A garden is never finished, a true gardener never satisfied. But if you have ever considered joining the garden club, but the simple idea that we in the group are all accomplished and experienced gardeners so that you would not fit in, I can tell you that we would welcome new members ever so dearly. And remember: you never leave the garden empty handed! We are truly a community garden and that is reflected in the diversity of the members and their backgrounds.
During the peak of harvesting some of the surplus is sold in our local shop. Produce cannot be any fresher. And everybody is welcome to visit the garden during “working hours”, there might even be a cup of tea for you.
We try to be as organic as possible, not using anything anywhere that may harm life, so we do not apply pesticides or herbicides. Fortunately we are blessed with good topsoil. We use manures of course. All animal manures help to soil fertility.
At the moment we would like to create an ornamental garden as well. But the area available is poor, hard, rocky soil, no top soil virtually. So a lot has to be done to improve this. We are quite confident that we can achieve something attractive and pleasing for the eye. Finally, our latest acquisition is a beautiful sign at the entrance to the garden, welcoming visitors. We hope to see many next year.

On behalf of the workforce,

Bert van Willigen.




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