Drumlane Community Partnership Ltd

Apr 22, 2020

A large public meeting was held in Feb. 2002 with view to doing up the local hall and all sections of the community were represented. Drumlane Community Partnership was formed from this group of people, who wished to provide facilities and to improve services for the local community. It represented all sections of the community. The community Partnership’s mission statement was drawn up and is to: “develop Drumlane as a friendly, peaceful, rural area, which encourages a strong sense of community respecting different cultures and ages, making it more attractive to both residents and visitors and to provide the facilities required to do so”

As the old parochial hall and the select vestry meeting rooms were in very bad repair and the facilities so out dated, consultation took place through a survey of all houses in the area, 530 questionnaires were distributed on a town land basis and questionnaires were handed out and collected by parish council members, select vestry members and committee members of DCP. People were assisted wherever they had problems answering the questions. The results of the survey were analysed and printed by Cavan Partnership in a booklet called “Drumlane Community Needs Survey”. The result showed an overwhelming need for a new facility which could be utilised by all groups in the community.

The need for a new facility was addressed by this newly formed group and a piece of ground was leased from Drumlane GFC and an all inclusive resource centre was built and officially opened on 18th September, 2005. During this time the development of a crèche/after school facility was in progress by a sub committee which was completed and officially opened in October 2006.


Sunday: Jnr Badminton at 6pm -winter months
Senior Social evening at 4pm. – last Sunday of month
Monday: Snr. Badminton
Tuesday: Hip Hop, Ballet dancing 4pm to 7pm
Line Dancing 8pm
Wednesday: Civil Defence 8pm.
Thursday: Indoor bowls 8pm.
Friday: Parent & Toddler Group 10.30am
Music Classes 4pm.
Foroige 8pm
Saturday: Indoor hurling 10.30am to 1.30pm (catering for different age groups hourly)
All members of Drumlane Community Partnership provide their time and skills on a voluntary basis, there is no caretaker for the premises and all groups are requested to leave the premises the way they find it.



October 2020
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