The Bloody Pass

Apr 22, 2020

The Bloody Pass is a mass grave situated near Innisfendra (Innis Fionn Tra Island of the white strand) approximately 5 miles from the town of Belturbet in the parish of Drumlane along the River Erne.

 On 30 July 1689 General Justin McCarthy, Lord Mountcashel set out from Belturbet with an army of several thousand men consisting of foot soldiers and cavalry. His brief from James II was to lay siege to Enniskillen. He was opposed by the Williamite Enniskilleners under General Wolseley at Crom, Newtownbutler. The next day 31 July McCarthy’s army was in disorder with as many as 2,000 of his men killed. One section of his army approximately 400-500 men retreating by the narrow pass at Innisfendra were trapped and slaughtered to a man by the Williamites. They were all buried in the mass grave which is known as Gulldoon or Gullion Burial Ground (Gabhl Liuin – The Forked Inlet of Sorrow) or (Cuilleann – The Holly Bush) – locally known as the Blood Pass.



October 2020
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