Drumlane GFC Fund Raising Drive

Nov 11, 2008

"The venture is aimed exclusively at members of the parish," says committee member Paul Fitzpatrick. "We are planning for the future of the club and we hope to get the support of the entire community with this initiative."

The Drumlane club was formed over 120 years ago and has seen huge changes during that time. From the beginning of the ¢‚¬Ëœ90’s, the club started to enjoy an unprecedented level of success due to hard work at underage level and in 2000 a far-sighted committee took the decision to purchase and develop 11.5 acres of land on the outskirts of Milltown village.

"The club has spent over a million euro on developing the facilities thanks to the generosity of sponsors and supporters," explains Fitzpatrick. "Club Drumlane will allow us to approach the coming years safe in the knowledge that out club is in it’s healthiest ever position."

The idea behind the initiative is that each person who signs up will pay either ¢€š¬5 per week, five yearly payments of ¢€š¬250 or a single one-off payment of ¢€š¬1000. This fee automatically makes the buyer a full member of the club, with free use of the facilities during that time, and gains entry to an annual draw with an impressive overall prize fund of ¢€š¬10,000 annually or ¢€š¬50,000 in all.

An annual member’s draw will take place each December with a first prize of ¢€š¬7,500 and five draws for ¢€š¬500. There will also be a one-off draw for ¢€š¬1,000 for Option One (single ¢€š¬1000 payment) this December.

"A representative will be calling around to houses in the parish," explains Fitzpatrick, "and we’re confident that local people will help us achieve our goal."



November 2008
Drumlane Community Website, Cavan, Ireland