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John Cork IR John Cork IR wrote on 20 May 1970 at 11:46 am
Love the place.
Anthony Vesey Kilconny Belturbet Ireland Anthony Vesey Kilconny Belturbet Ireland wrote on 3 May 1970 at 4:00 am
Excellent Website! Congratulations to all involved in bringing forward a practical and well presented website for the area!
Dancin Gal 95! ♥ Drumlane Ireland Dancin Gal 95! ♥ Drumlane Ireland wrote on 16 April 1970 at 5:33 am
Im so happy to be a Drumlane girl! This site is fantastic! Well done everybody! ♥
Peter Stewart London United Kingdom Peter Stewart London United Kingdom wrote on 16 April 1970 at 2:46 am
My mother Margaret Stewart (nee Brady) was born in Gurteen Nr Killeshandra in 1917. She had 5 sisters and a brother, my Uncle Benny, who was the All Ireland Skittles Champ in the 1960's. We spent every summer in and around Milltown. It took a long time to get there from London in those days, unlike now, a hop over on the plane and a hired car. My parents retired to Drumlane in 1987. Interestingly (and not seen elsewhere) there are two adjacent gravestones in the cemetery( both STEWART)but we are not related, when many would assume were. I miss the farming of 50 years ago when almost everyone had a some acres and 12+ cows. To get to your local town was always a bike ride and a proper outing. I miss my uncle's funny remarks..e.g. "If doesn't rain between the showers, you'll be ok".
John John wrote on 15 April 1970 at 12:53 pm
Nice site.
Philip Shannon Odessa Delaware USA Philip Shannon Odessa Delaware USA wrote on 15 April 1970 at 10:06 am
Planning a return trip to Milltown in May of 2013. This time with my wife, sister, son and his wife. Hope to locate and visit some Shannon's. Some of my ancesters are buried in Drumlane Abbey.
Ciaran Drumlane Ireland Ciaran Drumlane Ireland wrote on 15 April 1970 at 10:06 am
Marie,you should chec the 1901 census which can be found at you might find something. Otherwise if you post your email address I can send you on some contact numbers.
anthony german liverpool anthony german liverpool wrote on 15 April 1970 at 7:20 am
Continuing from my previous message,I am pleased to say ,thanks to the rootsireland website,I've discovered my GT/GF Edward was baptised under the name of Jarman in the parish of Knockninny.His address is given has Toralt.Looking forward to visit the area in May.He had brothers Owen and Isaac and sisters Mary and Catherine.
Deirdre O'Reilly Kingston upon Thames UK Deirdre O'Reilly Kingston upon Thames UK wrote on 4 April 1970 at 9:20 pm
Big congratulations on winning 1st prize at the Nation Pride of Place awards - well deserved.
Kathleen Swepson Brisbane Australia Kathleen Swepson Brisbane Australia wrote on 23 March 1970 at 3:46 am
Hello and Happy New Year to the Drumlane Community. I would like to thank you all for your contribution to a very successful Fitzpatrick Gathering in 2013. There are so many people to thank, but I would like to make special mention of the following people: Rosemary and Martin Rowan, Declan Fitzpatrick, Benny and Bernie Corby, Tom Kennedy, Kevin Fay, Damien McDonald and Grainne McDonald. There were other people who contributed to this event but I have only mentioned those from this parish. I was fortunate to have also attended some of your Gathering events including the book launch, where I purchased multiple copies for the family, as well as copies of the walking book, I'm so glad that I did as it seems you have now sold out completely. Your kindness was very much appreciated.
Isaac rowen Toney Milltown Isaac rowen Toney Milltown wrote on 23 March 1970 at 3:46 am
Great website thanks to all........!!!
Peter Stewart London England Peter Stewart London England wrote on 12 March 1970 at 6:40 am
My parents,grandparents,uncles and aunts (not all) are buried in Drumlane cemetery. My uncle, Benny Brady, was the All-Ireland skittles champion in the 1970's, winning the trophy in Cork (I recall). I have an engraving, done in late 1700's, of Drumlane Abbey, as it used to look before falling into ruin. Would be willing to send copy to those interested.
Philip Shannon Odessa Delaware USA Philip Shannon Odessa Delaware USA wrote on 1 March 1970 at 1:13 am
Hello, my son and I visited Milltown several years ago and wanted to get back for the Gathering but could not. Peter Shannon buied in Drumlane Abby is my distant relative. Felix and Mary Shannon came over to US in the early 1800. Philip Shannon, their son, my great Grandfather, fought in the American Civil War. Planning on going back next fall. Would like to hear from anyone that may have known the Shannon's
Deirdre Kingston upon Thames UK Deirdre Kingston upon Thames UK wrote on 28 February 1970 at 11:20 am
Fantastic website - launch night looked good - well done all.
Philip Shannon Odessa Delaware United States Philip Shannon Odessa Delaware United States wrote on 17 February 1970 at 5:00 pm
Hello, really happy to find this web page. My ancestry comes from Milltown and had visited there several years ago. Planning on a return trip. Met some decendents of the Shannon's while my son and I was there.
Jim Gafffney Knoxville Tennessee USA Jim Gafffney Knoxville Tennessee USA wrote on 17 February 1970 at 12:20 am
The new website looks great. Would love to have been there. Anybody remember the carnival at Lodge Cross?  Jim G
Cornelius Chapman Springfield USA Cornelius Chapman Springfield USA wrote on 5 February 1970 at 2:13 am
Well done to Drumlane on their win over Ballyhaise at the weekend. There is just no giving in in those players and it's a great start to the new season. On another point, I think it's very ironic that someone by the name of Kevin Barry lives in Derrylaughan. I don't know of any Daniel O'Connells in Drumlane. Fair enough Kevin if yous are known just known as Derrylaughan, but I don't think you can expect the club to get it right seeing as we'd never heard of yous before, as the challenge games were organised by our new enthusiastic co-coach Oliver Fay. It's not the case every time. I only know Pat Gilroy's club in Dublin as St Vincent's - I couldn't tell you the area - and from what I heard a lot of the players still don't know the area they were in Tyrone @ the end of last month!
izac iran asia izac iran asia wrote on 4 February 1970 at 11:26 pm
very good website im very impressed
Mary Mary wrote on 25 January 1970 at 5:06 am
Hi Tim I have passed on your information to someone that may help you. They are looking into it and will be in touch as soon as they find out something.
Jim Brady Cavan Ireland Jim Brady Cavan Ireland wrote on 24 January 1970 at 6:00 pm
Best of luck to Drumlane Community Partnership on your new website, its an inspiration to other communities in the county
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